Ethnographic Urban Atlas- Tirana, Kamza, Durrës (EUA-TKD)

The Ethnographic Urban Atlas: Tirana, Kamza, Durrës [EUA-TKD] is a research platform aiming to collect empirical data and provide theoretical analysis on the dynamics of social-cultural flows shaping urban life in contemporary Albania. The topics upon which the research units focus include: 

  1. Migration and demographic flows
  2. Religion and urban space
  3. Language and the city
  4. Minorities and urban life
  5. Urban ecologies 

EUA-TKD combines various interdisciplinary approaches with a sound orientation toward the ethnographic documentation of urban life. EUA-TDK is a ten-year-long project implemented by the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Art Studies and financially supported by the Scientific Research Fund of the Academy of Albanian Studies, Albania. The practical purpose of EUA-TDK is to generate data and a critical understanding of cultural and social flows forming urban life in contemporary Albanian, potentially providing a base for future fairer urban policies. The ethnographic data would provide solid grounds for a comparative approach to urban issues on a regional and global level.  

EUA-TKD [outcomes/entries]: Ethnographic reports, sociolinguistic qualitative and statistical data, photographs, and short ethnographic documentaries, are among the foreseen entries for EUA-TKD.

Project Coordinators: Prof. Dr. Nebi Bardhoshi, Dr. Olsi Lelaj

Research Team: Dr. Enkelejda Shamku, Dr. Mikaela Minga, Dr. Ervin Kaçiu, Dr. Mimoza Shqefni, Phd student Diana Malaj, Msc. Rondal Qema, Msc. Elvis Gorica, Msc Eros Dibra

Leading institution: Institute of Cultural Anthropology of Art Studies, Tiranë, Academy of Albanian Studies.

Current Institutional Partners: University “Aleksandër Mosiu”, Durrës, Albania, “ATA” – Center for activism in Kamza

Ethnographic Urban Atlas- Tirana, Kamza, Durrës (EUA-TKD) will be launched in summer 2023.